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Our Call to Help



Presented by Dr. Paul VanValin
of Eden Counseling and Consulting

Wednesday Nights @ 7pm

Sept 30 | Oct 7 | Oct 14 | Oct 21

Session 1:  September 30

Helping People Under Stress

View recorded session here



Session 2:  October 7

Helping People Experiencing
Conflict in Relationships

View recorded session here



Session 3:  October 14

Helping People Who Have
Experienced Significant Loss

View recorded session here



Session 4:  October 21

Helping People Who
Are Battling Depression

View recorded session here


All classes are free & open to the public | Registration Not Required


Dr. Paul VanValin, Ph.D., has been interested in the integration of Christian faith and the practice of psychology since 1975.   In addition to counseling individuals, couples, and families, Dr. VanValin writes and speaks on topics such as marriage, parenting, childhood disorders, and psychological assessment. 


He has been featured on the “700 Club” and presents at regional and national conferences.  He and his wife, Becky, developed Back to the Garden, a marital workshop presented in the United States and abroad.


Dr. VanValin earned his Ph.D. from University of Missouri in Columbia in 1982.  He served as an Army Psychologist from 1982 to 1987.  Dr. VanValin has been president of Eden Counseling and Consulting, Eden Family Institute since 1995, and FirstFruits Crisis Response, created after the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy. 


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