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We are people of various races, ages and backgrounds, some with disabilities, and all in need of the Savior’s grace and love.


Denominationally, we are an Anglican Church and part of the Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). As a people, we come from various church traditions—including Baptist, Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Charismatic, nondenominational, and no church tradition at all.


We are a place where people can come and be refreshed by the Living Water of the Holy Spirit. Those who have been physically or emotionally wounded or are weary of running the race are being renewed, restored and healed. The outpouring of God's Presence is bringing healing to the brokenhearted, setting free those who have been held in bondage and restoring Jesus as our first love. 
We are very relational and embrace the Lord’s heart to put the lonely in families. This is especially lived out through our home groups, men's and women's ministries, and fellowship events. Many of our young adults are in cross-generational friendships with older people in our church because we are seeking to make disciples who in turn make other disciples.
Our services are both joyful and reverent. Our worship is not something you just watch or listen to—we enjoy participating in worship and experiencing God’s presence together. During our services, children have a special time for learning and growing, then join the church family for Communion.
Our Lord has called us to serve those around us as Christ has served us. We are involved in local ministries such as Crisis Pregnancy Center, Hope Charities and C.A.S.T. (Chesapeake Area Shelter Team). On Tuesday nights, we host Joyful Noise Club, our club for young people with disabilities.

We believe that the Word of God is the final authority over everything we are and do.  In addition to preaching the Gospel every Sunday and teaching the Word to our children in their Sunday classes, Messiah hosts two Community Bible Study classes during the week. 
God has also called us to take the good news of Christ to the entire world. People connected with our church are serving the Lord in Croatia, Honduras, and Turkey.
Join us any Sunday morning at 10:00 — you’ll receive a warm welcome!



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