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Fall 2021 Sermon Series 

“For a few weeks I have been seeking the Lord about our next sermon series.  As I was sitting in the sanctuary, I sensed the Lord calling us to focus on the
Father Heart of God.  If you were to look into the heart of God’s call on Church of the Messiah, it is to see people’s lives transformed, healed and restored by experiencing the Father’s love through His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit. I believe some of us are going to be healed through this series, and I have already sensed a difference in my own life
as I have begun to focus on the Father heart of God.“

̶  Pastor Marty

September 19, 2021

Our Everlasting Father

Pastor Marty O'Rourke

September 26, 2021

Our Father's House

Pastor Nile Gomez

October 3, 2021

Our Compassionate Father

Pastor Marty O'Rourke

October 10, 2021

Our Adopting Father

Pastor Nile Gomez

October 17, 2021

Our Loving Father

Pastor Marty O'Rourke

October 24, 2021

Our Present Father

Pastor Ken Shomo

October 31, 2021

Our Perfect Father

Bishop John Guernsey

November 7, 2021

Our Good Father

Pastor Nile Gomez

November 14, 2021

Our Heavenly Father

Pastor Marty O'Rourke

November 21, 2021

Our Forgiving Father:  The "Prodigal" God

Rev. David Martin

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