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Names of God

Names of God Our Father

a forgiving God 
a Master in heaven 
a refuge for the poor 
a shelter from the storm 
an ever present help in trouble
commander of the Lord's army
eternal King 
Father to the fatherless 
God Most High 
God my stronghold God of glory 
God of hope 
God of truth 
God over the kingdoms of the earth 
God who gives endurance 
great and powerful God 
Holy Father 
Judge of all the earth 
living and true God 
Lord God Almighty
Lord my Banner. 
Lord of heaven and earth 
Lord our Maker 
Lord who makes you holy
Maker of heaven and earth 
my Comforter in sorrow 
my helper 
my light 
my refuge in times of trouble 
my support 
our leader 
our refuge and strength 
Rock of our salvation 
the Eternal God 
the exalted God 
the glorious Father 
the God who sees me 
the living Father 
the one who sustains me 
the rock in whom I take refuge
the true God


a fortress of salvation 
a refuge for His people 
a sanctuary 
a source of strength 
architect and builder 
Creator of heaven and earth 
God my Rock 
God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob 
God of gods 
God of love and peace 
God our Father 
God the Father 
God who gives encouragement 
great and mighty God 
Holy One 
King of glory 
Lord is Peace 
Lord my Rock 
Lord of kings 
Lord our shield 
Lord will Provide 
Most High 
my confidence 
my hiding place 
my mighty rock 
my song 
only wise God 
our Mighty One 
Righteous Father 
the consuming fire 
the faithful God
the Glory of Israel 
the great King above all gods 
the Majestic Glory 
the only God 
the spring of living water 


a glorious crown 
a refuge for the oppressed 
a shade from the heat 
a stronghold in times of trouble 
builder of everything 
defender of widows 
Father of compassion 
God Almighty 
God my Savior 
God of all comfort 
God of grace
God of peace 
God our strength 
God who avenges me 
great and awesome God 
Helper of the fatherless 
Holy One among you 
King of heaven 
Lord Almighty 
Lord Most High 
Lord of all the earth 
Lord our God 
Lord who heals you 
Maker of all things 
my advocate 
my help 
my hope 
my refuge in the day of disaster 
my strong deliverer 
our dwelling place 
our Redeemer 
righteous judge 
Sovereign Lord 
the everlasting God 
the gardener (husbandman) 
the God who saves me 
the just and mighty One 
the Majesty in heaven 
the potter 
the strength of my heart 


Names of Jesus

a banner for the peoples 
Anointed One 
author of their salvation 
bread of God 
chief cornerstone 
Christ of God 
crown of splendor 
first over all creation 
friend of tax collectors 
God's Son 
great Shepherd of the sheep 
head of the body, the church 
heir of all things 
Holy One of God 
born of salvation 
indescribable gift 
light for revelation to the Gentiles light of the world 
Lord of the Sabbath 
Mediator of a new covenant 
my intercessor 
Prince of princes 
refiner and purifier 
righteous man 
ruler of God's creation 
Shepherd and Overseer of your soul 
Son of the living God 
the Beginning and the End 
the First and the Last 
the Head 
the Living One 
the most holy      
the radiance of God's glory . 
the true light 
the way 
wisdom from God 


Word of God 
Alpha and Omega 
author and perfector of our faith
blessed and only Ruler 
bread of life 
Chief Shepherd 
consolation of Israel 
Faithful and True 
friend of “sinners" 
God of all the earth 
great high priest 
he who searches hearts 
head of the church
His one and only Son 
holy servant Jesus 
image of the invisible God 
King of the ages 
light of life 
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 
Lord of peace 
man of sorrows 
merciful & faithful high priest
morning star 
our Passover Lamb 
Prince and Savior 
Prince of the hosts 
resurrection and the life 
Righteous One 
ruler of the kings of the earth 
Son of Man 
Son of the Most High God 
the Amen 
the bright Morning Star 
the gate (door) 
the last Adam 
the living Stone 
the One and Only 
the rising of the sun, Dayspring 
the true vine 
the Word (Logos) 
witness to the peoples 


Word of life 
Ancient of Days 
author of life 
Branch of the Lord 
chosen and precious cornerstone
covenant for the people 
first to rise from the dead 
fragrant sacrifice to God 
God over all 
great light 
head of every man 
head over every authority 
Holy and Righteous One 
hope of Israel 
Immanuel (God with us) 
judge of the living and the dead 
Lamb of God 
light of men 
light of the mind 
Lord of the harvest 
messenger of the covenant 
my friend 
our peace 
Prince of Peace 
ransom for all men 
Righteous Judge
Rock eternal (rock of ages) 
Savior of the world 
Son of the Blessed One 
sure foundation 
the atoning sacrifice for our sins 
the representation of his being 
the good shepherd 
the life 
the Lord our Righteousness 
the only God our Savior 
the stone the builders rejected 
the truth 
true bread from heaven 
Wonderful Counselor 


Names of The Holy Spirit

a deposit (earnest) 
Holy One 
spirit of faith 
spirit of grace and supplication
Spirit of Jesus Christ 
Spirit of life 
Spirit of the Sovereign Lord 
Spirit of wisdom and revelation 
the same gift


another Counselor 
Holy Spirit 
Spirit of Christ 
spirit of fire 
Spirit of His Son 
spirit of judgment 
Spirit of our God 
Spirit of truth 
the gift 
Voice of the Almighty 


breath of the Almighty 
Holy Spirit of God 
Spirit of counsel and of power
Spirit of glory 
Spirit of holiness 
spirit of justice 
Spirit of the Lord 
Spirit of understanding 
the promised Holy Spirit 
Voice of the Lord 


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