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Embrace the divine call to triumphant living through the Word of God. Every individual birthed in the Spirit has the power to rise above worldly challenges, a victory achieved through unshakeable faith. Who can claim this victory? Only those who acknowledge and believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as stated in 1 John 5:4-5.

The Book of Revelation, a divine testament provided for our understanding and preparation for the end times, unfolds seven distinct and extraordinary promises for those who choose to overcome. Yet, the reality is that many among us are not experiencing this victorious life due to our personal wounds, an unwillingness to forgive, negative thought patterns, or even self-condemnation.

Enter the Book of James, a treasure trove of practical wisdom that guides us on living as overcomers, particularly during periods of trials and tribulations. This sermon series will explore these teachings, illuminating the path to victorious living, and empowering every believer to embrace their identity as an overcomer.

Living an Overcoming Life
September 10

Pastor Nile Gomez

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Overcoming Trials and Temptations

September 17

Pastor Marty O'Rourke

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Overcoming Self-Deception

September 24

Pastor Ken Shomo

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Overcoming Favoritism and Judging Others

October 1

Vivian Hayes

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Overcoming Dead Faith

October 8

Overcoming the Tongue

October 15

Overcoming Worldly Wisdom

October 22

Bishop Chris Warner

October 29

Overcoming Worldly Desires

November 5


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Overcoming Greed

November 12


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Overcoming Suffering

November 19

Overcoming through Prayer and Restoration

November 29

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